My Instagram Planner E-BOOk english



  • the very first instagram planner on the market
  • 536 pages to successfully plan all your content, collaborations, giveaways, stories, campaigns etc.
  • self reflection, brand awareness, finance planning, weekly monthly and yearly reflection
  • your account informations, your favorite hashtags/ accounts,, to do lists, notes, appointment list for every month
  • motivational quotes, goal list for every month, weekly content planning, inventury lists


This Planner is for you if you are looking to make (more) money on Instagram. With my Instagram Planner you can plan your content every day, week, month and have different options for that. For example “3 posts each da” or “1 post each day”.

Are you looking to level up your Business? If you’re an (future) entrepreneur then you know that Instagram is the most important tool because EVERYBODY is on Instagram.

If you are selling a product on Instagram you can use the Inventury lists and you can track in the monthly overview how many new clients you got and how many products you’ve sold. If you are offering your services you can use the appointment lists if you serve people. If you are planning collaborations with other people and/or giveaways you can use the collaboration and giveaway tracker. This Planner has 536 Pages and it includes everything you need for your Business.

After every week you have a self reflection page where you can note the goals you achieved or what you can do better for the next week. After every months you have a overview page where you can note how many new followers/clients you got, how many products you sold, how much money you made and spent and so on.

On top of all these very useful pages you get 100 pages to plan your content in detail (what filter, what saturation, what apps, what hashtags, which location and so on..)

The same page you also get for your stories and you also have 50 pages to manage your campaigns. Which is super cool because you get a better feeling of which campaign worked great and which didn’t.

As you can tell by now, this planner is a MUST HAVE for everyone who wants to make (more) money with Instagram.


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